Office Staff

Pamela D. Harris

Pamela is the Executive Director, more information about Pam is available on the Executive Director page.


Diana Williams – Development Associate – (

Diana began her tenure with North Newstead Association in 1999.  She helped to establish and manage our in-house property management system for the agency, as well as participated in developing several multi-million dollar affordable housing projects primarily in the 21st and 4th Wards, totaling over $13 million dollars.

She has over twenty years experience in housing management and housing development.  She is well versed in HUD regulations and has a vast knowledge of multi-layered financed properties, including Low Income Housing Tax Credit, HOME, Missouri Housing Trust Fund, Affordable Housing Commission of the City of St. Louis, and Community Development Block Grant.


Myron Hagens – Home Repair Manager

Myron has worked with NNA-owned rental units in a maintenance capacity for some time and began working directly for NNA in 2018. He continues to provide maintenance assistance but primarily oversees the 2018 CDA-funded home repair programs.


Bradford T. Duncan- Home Repair Associate

Brad was born and raised in New York City before attending high school in Southern California. He joined the navy right out of high school in ’98. Brad served for 12 years, making four deployments to the Persian Gulf, and two to Iraq. After getting out of the navy, he moved to St. Louis to be close to my daughter and to help raise her. Currently, Brad is attending Ranken Technical College studying Industrial Automation, and electrical control systems, while also pursuing a BS in Management.


Constance Siu- Community Engagement Specialist

Constance joined NNA in August 2018 after working at various other organizations involved with community development in St. Louis. She manages the CDA-funded programs and works closely with residents with community engagement efforts as it relates to the needs of the community. She is excited to have the chance to work directly with residents in her new position.





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