CDBG Activities for 2017

The North Newstead Association is working to implement the North Newstead Neighborhood Safety Initiative for 2017. By building stronger relationships with the STLMPD and empowering citizens, the Neighborhood Safety Initiative will create new and expand existing crime prevention activities.

Through this, we will offer: 10 two-hour neighborhood meetings designed to bring residents, neighborhood improvement, and public safety-related entities together to discuss neighborhood problem spots; 2 three-hour training sessions designed to help residents learn techniques derived from the NOM program; a three-hour Crime Prevention Summit event in June; 4 community service activities promoting not only beautification and improvement in 10 locations, but also to help reincorporate formerly incarcerated (for non-violent and non-sexual crimes) back into the community; work with residents to identify at least 5 “hot spot” areas; and cultivate increased leadership skills and capacity in 10 residents.

If you would like to receive email notifications about upcoming meetings and opportunities to participate, please submit your email address below.

The North Newstead Association is an equal opportunity agency.


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