CDBG Activities for 2018

The North Newstead Association has several programs this year that are funded by Community Development Block Grants.

  1. Elderly Services: NNA provides community gardening, healthy eating and exercise workshops at the Fresh Starts Community Garden. The program also provides free fresh produce for elderly (aged 62 and older), low- moderate income participants.
  2. Neighborhood Safety: NNA hosts ongoing neighborhood association meetings, crime prevention training sessions, and crime prevention summits along with community service activities. These activities are aimed at building stronger relationships with the St. Louis Metro Police Department and empowering citizens.
  3. City Wide Landlord Training: NNA partners with Tower Grove Community Development Corporation on the operation of a City-wide Landlord Training Program. Several workshops are held throughout the year and are open and free to anyone who is looking to become a landlord, who are landlords or who want to learn more about property management.
  4. Minor Home Repair Program: NNA works with elderly, low-mod income residents in select neighborhoods with minor home maintenance type repairs. Repairs are completed in-house by NNA’s Home Repair Team.
  5. Choice Neighborhoods Home Repair Program: NNA provides marketing, intake and homeowner advocacy services for low-mod income homeowners in targeted neighborhoods in St. Louis as part of the City’s Choice Neighborhood Home Repair Program/ Healthy Home Repair Program. These neighborhoods include: St. Louis Place, JVL, Old North St. Louis, Carr Square, Columbus Square. Apply here!
  6. Beautification and Clean-Up: NNA works with residents to organize community beautification and neighborhood clean- up events throughout the year.

If you would like to receive email notifications about upcoming meetings and opportunities to participate, please submit your email address below.


The North Newstead Association is an equal opportunity agency.

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